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London 2012 Olympic’s shameful corporate sponsors

From Occupy News Network, April 2012

Sponsors of the 2012 London Olympics profit from peoples’ deaths and destroying the planet, whilst creating a vastly unequal economic system; this smears the Olympic ethos of people coming together to celebrate sporting excellence. Desecrating the games integrity will be advertisements from companies that profit directly from and cause peoples’ death, not least BP, Dow and Rio Tinto. Nevertheless, David Cameron has come out in support of DOW’s sponsorship.i More broadly, it has been argued that elites within the system are attempting to suppress peoples’ rights to express their discontent against injustices in Britain and abroad.

The athletes, that have trained so hard, will also be in front of advertisements and commercials for further corporate powers that are responsible for many varied injustices. An overview, although not exclusive, discussion will follow within this article after a consideration of the aforementioned three corporations. It seems that the Olympics are a golden opportunity for corporations that are guilty of violations to cleanse their image at a far cheaper cost than addressing their impacts; furthermore, it supports the idea that if corporate actions were analysed by a clinical pychiatrist, they would be deemed sociopathic.ii

Allegations against BP include that they fund human rights abuses and death squads in Columbia; one community leader described their impact as creating poverty, militarization and environmental disaster.iii The New Internationalist last year reported that since oil exploitation began 20 years ago in Casanare, over 3 percent of the population has been killed or displaced.iv Similarly, last year a BP led consortium was found guilty by the British Government of breaching human concerning the security on a pipeline that stretches over Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.v

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