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A website for ‘Our Olympics: Reclaim London 2012’….

We exist to provide a hub for creating and promoting acts of civil disobedience around the London 2012 Olympics.

We believe that the London 2012 Olympics is an £11bn tax payer funded ad campaign for some of the worst offending corporations in our world.

We believe that public funds should be spent on public services, not redirected to private profits.

We believe the policy of Austerity is a lie.  It is a means of imposing an economic apartheid upon the UK.

We believe that it is time for us TO, come together and make London 2012 the greatest act of non violent civil disobedience of our time.

Join us….


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Whose Games? Whose City?


12 noon, Saturday 28 July
Assemble Mile End Park, East London.

March to Victoria Park for People's Games for All

A family-friendly protest. More details and press release

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From the Anti-Olympics poster competition!

Don’t Buy It, by Regime

‘Out damn logo!’ The Reclaim Shakespeare Company