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Disabled People Against the Cuts


Tuesday, 17 July 2012, 14:00 until 17:00

College Green & House Of Commons

There will be an alternative Picnic On The Commons on Tuesday 17th July 2012. The aim is to Lobby MP’s in the Central Lobby and then go onto a Paupers Picnic consisting of BREAD AND WATER AS A SYMBOLIC GESTURE.

Every one who comes would be well advised to bring water/drink and food with them and we can all share our food/drink if people want to.

I would like to see as many people there, along with PA’s/SW’s, Wheelchair Users, Sight Impaired/Guide Dogs etc…everyone is welcome to join in, but you must be prepared to complete a Green Slip to ask to see your MP to complain about the Welfare Reform Act and upcoming PIP/Universal Benefits.

The time to start going into the Central Lobby to see your MP is 2pm onwards, so please give yourselves enough time to go through Security and be guided by House Of Commons Guides to walk you to the Central Lobby.

I would like to see as many people who can make it there, I know it is on a Tuesday, but this is the day that Parliament goes in Recess and all the MOP’s rush off for their 2 month paid holidays, so keeping them back a bit will inconvenience them as they must see their constituents if they submit a Green Slip.

After we have seen our MPs, we are aiming to have an alternative picnic, so bring along a blanket, food & drink, I promise you all it will be something to remember.

I look forward to seeing as many people there as possible, until then, BE WELL, BE GOOD & BE HAPPY…Adam

Paupers’ Picnic

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